New to Lacrosse? (Kawartha Fury Lacrosse)

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Why Lacrosse?

One of the reasons why lacrosse is such an interesting sport is because it combines a number of different sports into one. Concepts for sports like ice hockey, field hockey, football, and basketball can all be seen when watching a single lax game.

Cross-Over Skills
While lax could be your first love, it may not be your only one, and that’s OK! With all these benefits you can receive from the game, you have the opportunity to also carry it over into other sports. As mentioned above, there are plenty of other sports that value strength, endurance, and coordination of various levels to be successful.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Being part of a team is incredibly important in a game like lacrosse. It allows players to realize the importance of unifying and working together toward one goal, and the fact that everything they do impacts the others on their team (both directly and indirectly).